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    How to Make Your Wife Happy?

    2017-09-30 Arlene Pellicane JOMOOInter

    – 1 –

    Make talk time a daily habit



    Don’t allow yourself to become so busy that you can’t spend 15 minutes a day talking with your wife. By the way, the last 15 minutes of your day when you’re utterly exhausted don’t count. If possible, use dinnertime as a place for conversation. If dinner doesn’t work, maybe it’s a five-minute phone call at lunch and 10 minutes sitting on the sofa in the evening. 


     – 2 –

    Act interested in 

    what your wife has to say



    Notice I wrote “act”. I know the things we wives talk about can be boring, long-winded, dramatic or illogical (or all of the above). But if you simply act as if you care about what we’re saying, it means the world to us. Just picture yourself in a boardroom listening to a boring presentation by your boss. You would still act interested out of respect for your boss. 

    Act interested in your wife’s comments, not always because the conversation is riveting, but because you love your wife.


    – 3 –

    Hug, cuddle and kiss 

    throughout the day


    Remember the affectionate way you would hold her hand, put your arms around her waist, and kiss her softly while you were engaged? Do that again and again. Remind yourself to romance and court her physically with a steady flow of affection.


    – 4 –

    Write her a love note



    It doesn’t have to be pure poetry to make her heart flutter. Write down the things you appreciate about her. Why are you glad you married her? Did she do something last week that you really liked? How is she doing a good job as a mother?  


     – 5 –

    Tell her she looks beautiful



    What’s a common question that little girls ask? Do I look beautiful daddy?  It’s a question that grown women still wonder about. Women tend to be hard on themselves regarding their looks. We are afraid we don’t measure up in your sight. But if you look into your wife’s eyes and tell her she is beautiful, you will make her day!  


    – 6 –

    Help with the household duties



    If you want to make your wife mad, say something like “Oh, I see you’re doing your annual vacuuming”. But if you pick up around the house, help in the kitchen, and yes even vacuum without being asked, your wife will be incredibly thankful.


    – 7 –

    Bring her 

    an unexpected and thoughtful gift



    Most women love gifts and as they care more about the house than you, why not buy your wife something for house improvement? Just take a peek at her online wish list of things she wants:



    What are you waiting for? 

    Get them home and surprise her!!

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